Product solution for applications with radiators

Product solution for applications with radiant heating

How does AFC Technology work ?

  • The flow controller is set to the calculated flow value by turning the number cap with the adjusting wrench. If the flow at the valve increases, the sleeve is moved by the increasing pressure, thereby continuously limiting the flow to the set value.
  • The set flow is never exceeded.
  • If the flow rate drops below the set flow rate value, a spring pushes the sleeve back into its starting position

Installing AFC technology offers many benefits:

Advantages for installers:

  • Easy to install and commission: 
    • Install, set, and forget
    • No need for complex calculations
    • Radiators/sections can be commissioned independently possible in sections
    • Replacement or testing of inserts is possible with systems still under pressure
    • Ideal for renovations
  • Reliable:
    • The set flow will never be exceeded
    • No hydraulic interference when opening or closing other valves/system sections
    • The Eclipse insert controls the max. flow independently of the differential pressure
  • Wide range of applications:
    • Two pipe systems
    • Can be used for differential pressures  up to 60 kPa
    • Complete AFC product range for all types of radiators & underfloor heating

Advantages for residents / end users:

  • Comfort:
    • Optimal temperature control: Deliver the correct heating performance at the right time
  •  Cost-efficient and energy-friendly:
    • Improved calorific value for lower energy consumption
    • Low investment for high energy and cost savings
    • Short amortization times
  • Easy solution for renovations :
    • Takes the headache out of renovations when the system is not fully known
    • Reduces time spent on renovations
    • Clean renovation work on site
    • Available for all types of radiators and underfloor heating systems

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