Combination of pressure-independent valves with actuators for perfect room temperature

Eclipse, TA-Compact-P with TA-Slider actuators and integration into the BMS (building management system)

The Project

The State Opera house in Prague, Czech Republic, is a 132-year-old building that holds a special place in the city’s history. From the summer of 2017 to the end of 2019, the building went through a complete renovation, including all HVAC installations, electrical wiring, interior fittings and exterior façade. IMI Hydronic completed its part of the refurbishment in December 2019.

The Hydronic Challenge

Despite the building’s age, during the renovation the HVAC system was digitally documented in 3D software for implementation into BIM. Firstly the building’s large and complex pipe network allowed to use only limited number of differential pressure controllers. Secondly, all thermostatic valves are controlled by actuators and must be protected against overflow. This posed a pivotal challenge to the project’s renovation and, ultimately, for effective hydronic balancing.

The Solution

Based on the requirements and challenges of the project, it was decided that the best way to approach the renovation of this complicated system was to use a pioneering automatic balancing technology, called Automatic Flow Control, AFC.

The AFC technology integrated into our Eclipse thermostatic valves enables you to automatically set the desired flow of the terminal unit directly at the valve. Once the flow is set, it will not be exceeded, no matter how many valves are closed or open. The valve controls the flow rate independently from differential pressure. Eclipse valves can work properly with differential pressure up to 60 kPa that helped to split system by less number of differential pressure controllers. Due to the simplicity provided in terms of balancing and adjusting, it also enables a significant reduction in commissioning time.

Eclipse thermostatic valves were installed in the radiators throughout the building along with actuators controlled by the BMS system. Also, STAD balancing valves and STAP pressure controllers were installed to measure flow, pressure drops, and to control operating conditions. Lastly, the fan coils were set up to be controlled by the TA-COMPTACT-P.

The elegance of this solution allowed for the creation of an energy-efficient system that, in the long term, will contribute to an operation without overflows; additionally, the interior comfort of the building increased thanks to the amplified control and communication capabilities of the system.

Products used:

Eclipse, Multilux Eclipse, Regulux, Regutec, Mikrotherm, STAD, STAP, TA-COMPACT-P, EMO-T, TA-Slider 160, Thermostatic Head K K

Projecttype: Culture
Projectname: State Opera House
Place: Prague, Czech Republic

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