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How dynamic are you?

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with Eclipse & Dynacon Eclipse

Reliable hydronic balancing


Install, set, and go !

The required flow of the individual radiators is set directly on the top of the Eclipse thermostat. This means that the hydraulic adjustment is done with one turn. The set flow rate is not exceeded. I.e. even if there is an oversupply, e.g. due to the closing of neighboring valves or during the morning warm-up phase, Eclipse automatically regulates the flow to the set value. The valve regulates the flow regardless of the differential pressure. Complex calculations to determine the setting values ​​are therefore not necessary.

And this happens on the top of the thermostat:

  • The control gate is set to the calculated flow value by turning the number cap with the adjusting or open-end wrench.
  • If the flow at the valve increases, the sleeve is moved by the increasing pressure, thereby continuously limiting the flow to the set value. Of the set flow is never exceeded.
  • If the flow rate drops below the set flow rate value, a spring pushes the sleeve back into its starting position.

Easy commissionning

  • Simple design, no complex pipe network calculations required.
  • Easy to use: install, set and forget
  • Easy adjustment of the flow directly on the valve (setting value 1 = 10 l / h, 2 = 20 l / h, etc.)
  • The set flow is never exceeded.
  • No hydraulic interference when opening or closing other valves/system sections.
  • Proven technology – successfully used for more than 7 years
  • Exchange or testing of upper parts under pressure possible
  • Complete AFC product range for all types of radiators & underfloor heating
  • Satisfied customers

Ideal for renovation complex systems

In old systems, radiator systems are often widely branched, it is difficult or impossible to tell where the individual radiators are integrated, or there are sections with few radiators and low output right next to sections with many radiators and possibly high output. In this case, the proportion of the pipe network resistance cannot be clearly assigned to the individual radiators.

The determination of the valve setting position, depending on the differential pressure, is therefore difficult or even impossible. Even in the case of surface heating, no conclusions can be drawn about the length of the heating circuits and the installation distance without design documents.

An extensive product range with AFC technology offers simple and quick problem solving!

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