Safe hydraulic balancing, thanks to pressure-independent valve solutions - needs-based, safe heat distribution

The Project

The project was in the Health-Care sector and is located in Innsbruck Austria; the project consisted of the full construction of a new hospital complex. The role of IMI was to plan, execute, and carry out the commissioning as well as providing the necessary products for the whole HVAC system of the new building. IMI Hydronic Engineering won the project in April 2018, and it was finalized in August of that same year.

The Hydronic Challenge

There were two main challenges in this project. One was the development of a complete hydronic solution in the area of heating, cooling and ventilation, which requires extensive planning, calculating and testing. The second challenge was that as this was a hospital, the HVAC system had to be in line with a stringent code.

The Solution

We started by carrying out a complete calculation of the pipe network with the support of the ESC. Once calculated, we could plan the best solution for the client. Due to the size of the building, it was essential to have a system that would provide sufficient flow, with adequate pressurisation.

We installed TA Modulator that, with its built-in differential pressure controller provides high control authority, controls stability, allowing for accurate pressurisation and balancing. Also, the measurement of flow and available pressure done by the valve enables system optimisation and diagnostics. To optimize the system, even more, we also installed TA KTM, and TA Fusion valve, which increases the balancing capabilities with their combined balancing and control valves with independent EQM characteristics.

The underfloor heating system was a very extensive network, so we decided to use STAD and STAP valves in the risers in combination with the Dynacon Eclipse distributor. The Dynacon Eclipse distributor with AFC technology for hydraulic balancing to be achieved in a straightforward operation, which was essential to the client in terms of ease of management.

Products used:

TA-Modulator, TA-Fusion-P, KTM 512, TA-Slider, Dynacon Eclipse, STAD, STAP, Globo H, Eclipse, PM 512, EMOtec

Projecttype: Healthcare
Projectname: Tirol Kliniken
Place: Innsbruck, Austria
Planner: Tirol Kliniken GmbH, IMI Hydronic Engineering
Owner: Tirol Kliniken GmbH

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