Multilux 4 – Set with Halo
with a 2-point connection for bathroom & design radiators, universal radiators

The Multilux 4-Eclipse-Set is connected in 2-pipe systems to radiators with a lower 2-point connection such as bathroom radiators, design
radiators, universal radiators or radiators with integrated valves. The valve has a unique integrated flow limiter that eliminates over
flows. The required flow rate can be adjusted with one twist directly at the valve. The adjusted flow will not be exceed even if there are load
changes in the system, due to other valves closing or during morning start up. The valve controls the flow rate independently from differential
pressure. Therefore, complicated calculations to determine settings are not necessary. Centre-to-centre distance of connections 50 mm.
The Multilux 4-Eclipse-Set is suitable for installation as angle or straight form. Thermostatic insert and shut-off insert are interchangeable.
Therefore the valve is suitable for installation both left and right side of the radiator.

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Thermostatic insert and shut-off insert are interchangeable
The thermostatic head can be mounted on the left or right
Set with covers in white or chrome
Easy to install
Applications area:

2-pipe heating systems


Flow Control

Stepless presetting


DN 15

Pressure class:

PN 10


Max. working temperature: 120 °C, with cover 90 °C.
Min. working temperature: –10 °C

Setting range:

The flow can be adjusted within the specified range: 10 – 150 l/h.
Delivery setting: Commissioning

Differential pressure (ΔpV):

Max. differential pressure:
60 kPa (<30 dB(A))
Min. differential pressure:
10 – 100 l/h = 10 kPa
100 – 150 l/h = 15 kPa


Valve body: Corrosion resistant Gunmetal.
O-rings: EPDM rubber
Valve disc: EPDM rubber
Return spring: Stainless steel
Valve insert: Brass, PPS
Spindle: Niro-steel spindle with double
O-ring sealing.
Cover: ABS

Surface treatment:

Valve body gunmetal, fittings are nickel-plated.


THE and II+-Designation. Orange protection cap.

Radiator connection:

Adapters for R1/2 and G3/4, for radiator connections. Tolerance compensation ±1,0 mm with special union nuts and flexible flat seal system for installation free of tension.

Pipe connection:

G3/4 male thread for compression fittings
for plastic, copper, precision steel or multilayer pipe

Connection to thermostatic head:


Thermostatic head Halo

Thermostatic head Halo with closed graduation cap and liquidfilled thermostat. High actuating force, minimum hysteresis, optimum closing time. Stable control response even with minor calculated p-band variations (<1 K). Conforming to German EnEV and/or DIN V 4701-10. Setting numbers 8–28. Frost protection. Temperature range 6 °C to 28 °C.

Multilux 4 – Set with Halo

The Multilux 4 – Set with Halo consists of: – Multilux 4 thermostatic valve body – R 1/2 radiator connections – G 3/4 radiator connections – End caps for G 3/4 pipe connection – Cover – Thermostatic head Halo

EAN Article Nr
White RAL 9016 4024052994311 9690-58.800
Chrome plated 4024052994410 9690-59.800
Setting Key

for Eclipse. Color orange.

EAN Article Nr
4024052937714 3930-02.142
Compression fitting

for copper or precision steel pipe according to DIN EN 1057/10305-1/2. Connection male thread G 3/4 according to DIN EN 16313 (Eurocone). Metal-to-metal joint. Brass nickel-plated. With a pipe wall thickness of 0.8-1 mm insert supporting sleeves. Heed pipe manufacturer’s technical advice.

Ø Pipe EAN Article Nr
12 4024052214211 3831-12.351
14 4024052214310 3831-14.351
15 4024052214617 3831-15.351
16 4024052214914 3831-16.351
18 4024052215218 3831-18.351
Supporting sleeves

for copper or precision steel pipe with a wall thickness of 1 mm.

Ø Pipe L Article Nr EAN
12 25,0 1300-12.170 4024052127016
15 26,0 1300-15.170 4024052127917
16 26,3 1300-16.170 4024052128419
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Multilux 4 – Set with Halo
white, on the radiator
Multilux-4-Eclipse-Set without cover & Halo
Multilux-4-Eclipse-Set without cover & Halo
Setting Key
for Eclipse. Colour orange
Thermostatic insert
with automatic flow limiter for Eclipse

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